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How do I maintain my props

Fire props are not difficult to maintain, but some care is needed to keep them in top working condition.

1. Don't store your props with fuel on them. Not only is this a fire hazard, but some of the materials used in building fire props may not be designed for long-term fuel exposure.

2. Always check that your wicks are in good condition. Small frays on your wicks should be trimmed. If your wicks are starting to fall apart. It's time to replace them.

3. Always check your hardware before spinning. This is especially true on props that have removable parts such as poi and hoops. Quicklinks should be tightened with pliers and hoop spines should be hand tightened before you each use.

4. Do not use props that are damaged or compromised.

5. Putting wick covers on your props can substantially increase their life. Dropping the Kevlar wicks on the ground will degrade them. This is especially true on older wicks that had been burnt many times because their integrity is already compromised.

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