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I want something custom

Time permitting, Trick Concepts will make custom props. Here's a guideline on what we will typically take on.

Custom Fire Props

This really depends on what you are looking for. Most custom fire props are not a big deal, so long as they are loosely based upon something, we typically make. However, keep in mind that some of our products are fairly difficult to produce and we may only make them a couple times a year because of involves setup process. When contacting us about a custom prop give us an idea of what your overall goal is so we can better try to meet your needs.

Custom LED Props

Custom LEDs can be much more difficult because development is so involved. In may cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to develop a new LED prop. Sometimes we can accommodate this, but only if it is related to something we are already producing. We do not do complicated electronics development. Our specialty is in the area of mechanical development, not electrical. We typically develop housings that electronics go in, not the electronics themselves.

30 Foot Long Fire Breathing Dragon Monster Truck Art Car

No problem, we can make that. Not joking! We can make big crazy mechanical stuff that drives and breathes fire. Just please have a realistic timeline and a realistic budget.

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