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Photographer: Grant Palmer
Performer: Curtis Husted


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This year we're doing something different. Instead of normal holiday promotions, Scorch has decided to feature some of her favorite photos from this year's fire Photo Contest. So this week, it's all about you… Enjoy!

(* Excludes Wick)


Clamp on Dragon Staff Spines
Clamp on Karma Dragon Staff Spines
Diablo Aluminum Fans
Diablo Aluminum Fans Dragon Staff
Hoop Hyper Wicks
Hyper Wicks
Quantum LED Fans
Quantum LED Fans Quantum LED Fans
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• Tech Fans
• Dancing Fans
• LED Fans
• Practice Fuzzy Fans
• Aluminum Fans


• Hoops
• Poi
• Staff
• Fans
• LEDs

LED Lights

• LED Poi
• LED Staff
• LED Fans
• UltraLights
• UltraWire


• Fire Hoops
• Hyper Wicks
• PolyPro Day Hoops
• Hoop Tape


• Wick
• DIY Fans
• Tape
• Hardware


• Poi DVDs
• Staff DVDs
• Hoop DVDs


• Budget Poi
• Monkey Fist
• Infinity Poi
• Cathedral Poi
• LED Poi
• Zip Poi

Juggling / Torches

• Contact Juggling Balls
• Torches
• Chucks
• Palm Torches
• Fire fingers

Fire Knife

• Single Knife
• Double Knife
• Junior Knife


• Fire Staff
• LED Staff
• S-Staff
• Dragon Staff
• Double Staff


• Dip Trays
• Dip Cans

Accessories / Safety

• Fire Blanket
• Fuzzy Wick Covers
• Nomex Gloves
• Nomex Sleeves
• Goggles

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